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Discover our exclusive jewellery! Vibrant hand-cast glass combined with 24kt gold plated bronze.

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All pieces have been inspired by amazing places around the world

Michael Vincent Michaud

Nature ◦ Art ◦ Destinations

Michael Vincent Michaud Jewellery is a collection of the most exquisite glass jewellery that will transport you from the gardens of Kyoto to the colourful world of Art Nouveau in Vienna. Each collection is inspired by unique and magical destinations around the world, capturing the essence of the place in layers of 24kt gold over cast bronze and glass. Using a process similar to lost wax casting, each piece is handmade and often features the delicate three-dimensional details of the original botanical element.  

Dogwood Jewellery

New Arrivals

Get whisked away to the gardens of Japan with the delicate pink flowers of our new Dogwood Collection
Rondo Blue

New Arrivals

Discover our new Rondo Blue Collection

New Arrivals

Our Rondo collection has been extended by gorgeous pendants and earrings in our Spring colours

Help Preserve the Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a dazzling rainbow world of corals which supports a breath-taking array of marine creatures that is unlike anywhere else on earth. However, climate change and pollution are threatening its fragile ecosystem.

At Michael Vincent Michaud, we celebrate the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef by donating £5 from every piece of the Great Barrier Dive collection sold to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

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Colourful Bangles

Discover our range of beautiful bangles, cuffs and bracelets in the most stunning colours.

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Vienna Nouveau

The Rondo pieces are predominantly inspired by Klimt’s elaborate Palais Stoclet mosaic friezes and in particular the depiction of “The Fulfilment”, which features a couple embracing. The collection reflects the colourful round shapes on the couples clothing and the flowers on the ground.

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