Dogwood Earrings Post
Dogwood Earrings - Post
Dogwood Earrings - Post

Dogwood Earrings - Post

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Picturesque gardens are an indispensable part of Kyoto’s scenery and Japanese Dogwoods are adding a delicate beauty to the landscape. Having grown wild in Japan’s mountains since ancient times, they now make a year-round visual contribution to gardens and urban areas, with a very showy spring display of an abundance of white to deep pink flower bracts.

Our Dogwood collection is based on a beautiful Cornus kousa with rich pink flower bracts which have been captured in Indian pink glass and 24kt gold over bronze leaves. Cast from the actual plant, the pieces depict the structure of the leaves and flowers in all their infinitesimal details.

Materials: The Dogwood Earrings are cast in bronze with 24kt gold plating and hand-cast glass elements in shades of Indian pink. The posts are 925 silver.

Measures: 1.5cm L x 1.5cm W

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