Our Story

Michael Vincent Michaud Jewellery is a collection of the most exquisite glass jewellery that will transport you from the gardens of Kyoto to the colourful world of Art Nouveau in Vienna. Each collection is inspired by unique and magical destinations around the world, capturing the essence of the place in layers of gold over cast bronze and glass.
Using a process similar to lost wax casting, each piece is handmade and often features the delicate three-dimensional details of the original botanical element.
  Glass being prepared at the workshop
Our story began in 2011 with a vision to create jewellery that is inspired by a combination of nature, art and destinations across the globe.
Fascinated by the interactions of glass and light, Michael Vincent Michaud designed six distinctive core collections, drawing his inspiration from the elegant shapes of nature and art: Appalachian Trail, Great Barrier Dive, Highland Tales, Impressionist Provence, Kyoto Teien and Vienna Nouveau. Each collection features eye-catching colourful hand cast or flame-worked glass with a sublime matte finish resembling sea glass. 

Creating the Glass