Ginkgo Earrings Double Drop Wire
Ginkgo Earrings - Double Drop Wire

Ginkgo Earrings - Double Drop Wire

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Ginkgo biloba is one of the most unusual and striking plants with unique fan-shaped leaves. Considered a “living fossil”, its history extends back in time over 200 million years. They are very resistant and adaptable trees that can live for many centuries. Due to these attributes, the Ginkgo tree symbolises longevity and endurance.

Originating in China, the Ginkgo was introduced to Japan about 1000 years ago and has established itself as an integral part of the Japanese landscape. Resistant to pollution, the trees are often seen along streets and highways and ancient species are worshipped as divine trees at Shintō shrines, such as the giant Gingko tree of Nishi Hongan-ji which is thought to be as old as the temple itself and has been declared a Natural Monument of Kyoto.

Cast from actual Ginkgo leaves, our jewellery pieces bring together ancient history and uniquely beautiful leaves.

Materials: The Ginkgo Earrings are cast in bronze with 24kt gold plating and hand-cast glass elements in shades of brilliant green. The wires are 925 silver with a 24kt gold plating.

Measures: 4.4cm L x 2cm W

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