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Seashell Earrings - Wire White
Seashell Earrings - Wire White

Seashell Earrings - Wire White

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“Take nothing but photos - leave nothing but footprints.”

In a delicate ecosystem such as the Great Barrier Reef, even the humble seashell plays its part in maintaining a healthy reef. Whilst seashells have been collected by those wandering the ocean shores for thousands of years, revered for their exquisite texture, dainty shapes, and aesthetic beauty, they actually play important roles in the natural ecosystem. Shells not only aid in stabilising beaches, but also provide habitat material for other species.

Our Seashell collection is a long lasting memento of underwater adventures and lazy beach strolls. Cast from actual small cockles, each pieces captures the shape and ridges of the shell in cast glass.  

Materials: The Seashell Earrings are cast in bronze with 24kt gold plating and hand-cast glass elements in shades of white. The wires are 925 silver with a 24kt gold plating.

Measures: 1.9cm L x 1.5cm W

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