Sea Urchin Earrings
Sea Urchin Earrings - Wire Glacier
Sea Urchin Earrings - Wire Glacier

Sea Urchin Earrings - Wire Glacier

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The Great Barrier Reef is home to an amazing array of fauna and flora, making it one of the richest and most complex natural systems on Earth. Each component of the reef is interconnected with other plants, animals and organisms, making the coral reef a finely balanced ecosystem in which fluctuations in one species can have dramatic effects on the whole reef.

One species that contributes to reef resilience is the Sea Urchin. They play a key role in maintaining the balance between coral and algae. By grazing on algae, they provide space for corals to flourish.  

Our Sea Urchin collection captures the details and colours of the Sea Urchin’s shell. Available in shades of white, glacier blue and turquoise cast glass, the jewellery pieces showcase the three-dimensional structure of the urchin’s test.  

Materials: The Sea Urchin Earrings are cast in bronze with 24kt gold plating and hand-cast glass elements in shades of glacier blue. The wires are 925 silver with a 24kt gold plating.

Measures: 2.1cm L x 1.86cm W

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