Sea Turtle Pendant
Sea Turtle Pendant White
Sea Turtle Pendant White
Sea Turtle Pendant White

Sea Turtle Pendant White

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The Great Barrier Reef is a dazzling rainbow world of corals which supports a breath-taking array of marine creatures that is unlike anywhere else on earth. One famous reef local is the marine turtle and six of the world’s seven species occur within the Great Barrier Reef.

The modern sea turtle arose from a common ancestor about 120 million years ago. Having outlived the dinosaurs, they are one of the oldest living families in the animal kingdom.

These ancient mariners inspired our Sea Turtle Collection. Available in shades of blue and white, the sea turtles on our pendant and earrings both feature movable flippers and three-dimensional cast glass carapaces.

Materials: The Sea Turtle Pendant is cast in bronze with 24kt gold plating and hand-cast glass elements in shades of white.

Measures: 43 - 48cm L (adjustable), Pendant: 2.5cm L x 3.6cm W

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