Pinecone Earrings Wire
Pinecone Earrings - Wire
Pinecone Earrings - Wire

Pinecone Earrings - Wire

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Pines are one of the most recognizable trees on the planet. With their characteristic evergreen needles and iconic pinecones, they are a regular feature of the Appalachian flora: from pine forested lowlands, with trees so tight that it seems as walking through a tunnel, to craggy old pine trees on rocky mountain tops.

These pine trees and their cones in particular have been a well of inspiration. The autumn leaf orange cast glass elements are a reminder of the colours of a soft bed of needles on the forest floor, dotted with fallen pinecones. 

Materials: The Pinecone earrings are cast in bronze with 24kt gold plating and hand-cast glass elements in shades of autumn leaf orange. The wires are 925 silver with a 24kt gold plating.

Measures: 1.7cm L x 1.5cm W

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